We’re thrilled to hear that one of our clients, Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (ISCRE) has been awarded £350,000 from the Big Lottery Fund to continue their “Tackling Discrimination in the East” project, which provides free legal advice to people experiencing unlawful discrimination.

We were commissioned by ISCRE in 2015 to write an external evaluation of Tackling Discrimination in the East, during which time we heard about the project’s impact first hand from people who had been discriminated against at work, and in the community, as a result of their race, sexuality, mental health or disability. Here are some of the comments from clients we spoke to:

“When my supervisor referred to me using the N-word I was shocked and complained to my employer, but they did nothing.”

“I was racially abused at work and was surprised by how my employer, a big public sector organisation, failed to deal with it. They could tick the boxes to follow procedure, but they showed very little understanding of the Equalities Act and very little empathy as to how racial abuse at work makes a person feel. TDE helped me to present a case to my employer and provided advice and support to me and my employer, which helped.”

“I was the victim of racist bullying at work. It knocked my confidence completely and led to me feeling low and depressed. TDE were on hand to advise me how to handle things, like suggesting questions I should ask my employer about how they were following it up. I was pleased with their support.”

Tackling Discrimination in the East has had a tremendous impact. The project has been involved in at least 3000 meetings with clients and has helped 680 individuals, helping them win around £250,000 in compensation; and even getting 6 clients reinstated after unfair dismissal.

Now, thanks to the new grant, Tackling Discrimination in the East will be able to help more people facing unlawful discrimination as it aims to help another 700 clients over the next three years, deliver specialist workshops for disabled people and educate secondary school pupils on hate crime, harassment and human rights.

We’re thrilled for everyone involved in Tackling Discrimination in the East and pleased to hear from Audrey Ludwig, Director of Legal Services, that our external evaluation was helpful in demonstrating the impact of the project to the Big Lottery Fund and that the charity is currently considering how to implement our recommendations.

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