Every Parent & Child


Every Parent & Child (EPC) enables parents and carers to become knowledgeable and confident about services that will achieve outcomes for their children, in addition to working directly with children and young people to allow them to take part in activities and experiences that may not otherwise be available to them.

EPC commissioned Steve Allman (via Social Enterprise UK) in November 2013 to design and deliver social enterprise training to enable staff and trustees to increase their understanding of social enterprise and consider how the charity could develop a social enterprise approach as part of its future strategy.

Following discussion with EPC’s chief executive Dee Eimer, Steve developed an outline for the day which incorporated the charity’s specific needs and challenges, in addition to social enterprise essentials. Dee Eimer, CEO, shares her experience of working with us:

“EPC wanted to explore the possibility of generating more income from some of our services and commissioned Steve Allman (via Social Enterprise UK) to deliver a social enterprise training day for our Trustees and Service Managers. Steve prepared an accurate and thoughtful proposal for the day (which he delivered on a Sunday) and coupled with his relaxed but challenging training style, all participants felt included and involved. It helped us understand the various aspects of social enterprise and enabled us to identify those areas of our work that would be suitable to develop. The feedback showed that everyone had benefited from the training and also enjoyed the day very much.”

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