Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality

    Tackling Discrimination in the East is a Big Lottery Fund project by Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality to support people facing prejudice and discrimination.

    Tackling Discrimination in the East provides free legal advice and raises awareness of legal rights, as well as increasing people’s confidence to challenge discrimination.

    Our evaluation engaged a number of people who had benefited from free legal advice after experiencing discrimination by employers or public services on the grounds of mental health, ethnicity, disability, gender or sexual orientation.

    In July 2016, we were thrilled when ISCRE got in touch to say the Big Lottery Fund had awarded a grant of £350,000 to continue the project for three years! Here’s what Audrey Ludwig, Director of Legal Services at ISCRE, had to say about her experience of working with us:

    “Throughout the process he listened carefully and empathetically to us, and more importantly, to our clients, who had experienced mental trauma arising from unlawful discrimination. The report is thorough and has really brought out the essence of the project; that we not only provided legal advocacy, but also are a vital support to victims, to allow them to tell their story and move forward in their lives. The report and the recommendations will be useful in our future planning and securing further funding.”

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