Richard Catherall, Katarsis Ventures


“I have been one of Steve Allman’s directors twice. I have enjoyed every minute of the journey. Steve is a game changer. Not just interested in making a dent in social injustice, he has ideas and the ability to implement them to change the game. He inspired the directors and team to believe in and commit to an ambitious growth strategy. He led our proven approach into new markets, diversifying the organisation and its range of customers.

He became increasingly self-aware and well networked and used these insights to explore opportunities ranging from merger to influencing government policy. He delivered the growth and found the energy, time and courage to reinvent the business model. This has secured a considerable amount of working capital finance to bring a contemporary and more adaptable service into these markets with the potential to expand further and establish a competitive position. A strategic relationship with Steve and with the organisation he is leading is a clever choice.”