School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia: Writing

    School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia commissioned Steve Allman to research and develop case studies of innovative UK social enterprises in two sectors; youth and disability.

    SSE Australia runs learning programs across Australia for people that have an idea or business with a community benefit. The case studies were used to inform and inspire participants in two of their most popular programmes; the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) programme and the Youth LaunchPad programme.

    Steve, who served as a UK Expert Advisor on the NDIS programme, produced a short list of potential social enterprises and SSE Australia selected those that were most relevant to their current social needs and challenges. Steve visited each participant to interview their CEO and see their work in action before writing up the case studies and helping to facilitate additional learning opportunities by linking up key movers and shakers in the UK with students in Australia. Celia Hodson, Chief Executive of School for Social Entrepreneurs Australia, describes her experience of working with Steve:

    “Steve has been amazing to work with thought our time together over the past year. He took a loose consultancy brief and made into a reality. He also included added huge value by making innovative recommendations around the delivery format and how to broaden reach and impact.

    I very much look forward to working with Steve again the near future and would highly recommend him for his admirable research capability and case study production. Very rare to find such a human touch.”

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